Customising the Panasonic Lumix S5 for video

I have been working through my settings for wedding video with the Panasonic Lumix S5 and am currently set up as follows:

Focus and Exposure Lock

AF ON button set to Exposure Lock

If I have to pan around a room and there are large bright windows in the background this ensures that the exposure stays locked onto the couple.

Q button set to Focus Lock

So that I can separately lock on focus when necessary. The S5 is supposed to track focus when something or someone moves in front of the main subject but so far I have not managed to get this to work for me.

Picture Profile

Set to Standard. I think this looks really great and I slightly prefer this to the Natural profile which I have also tried.


4k 25p 8bit 100Mbps

Focus dial set to continuous unless I'm taking stills then I move it to single.

Settings are saved to custom setting 1 (C1). I use C2 for stills. 

S&Q mode I have set to 60fps 2.4x Slow for some beautiful slow motion effects.