It may be one of the last things you think about when you are planning your wedding but you may be wondering whether you should have a videographer to film your special day.

You've probably decided that you want a photographer and you can pay a significant amount of money for a good one. By good I mean someone who has mastered the basics of posing, of lighting and the technical side of using their camera to its best effect and then enhancing the images they capture when editing to give you images that have a particular style.

Whilst a great set of photos is a wonderful memento of your day, what film does (and a video done well is like watching a film) is tell the story of your day from start to finish with movement, with speech and with music. You will see lots of details in a film that you may have missed because you were so focussed on the main event.

Having your choice of music playing (on your own personal copy of the full video) adds that touch of emotion to the film. I love it when I can tie up the lyrics of a song to what I am seeing on the screen - it does happen occasionally.

Think of your wedding film as an account of your day from start to finish, set to music and you can begin to see how that gives you so much more connection to what was happening around you.

My wedding films tend to be of the order of an hour long, sometimes longer. I do know of some videographers who only produce very short films. If thats what you really want then let me know but most couples seem to appreciate having the choice of a longer film.

The video on a USB stick is in a digital format so if a future technology evolves that makes this redundant it should be quite straightforward to convert the file into a new format or to put it onto a new storage device. For that reason I no longer use DVDs as they are rapidly becoming obsolete.

I deliberately send the USB stick out in a presentation box so that that in itself is also a memento of your day.

So is it worth it. I would say undoubtedly yes but then I am biased. Try asking some married couples you know who have had a wedding video made. Find out if it touched them emotionally and if so why and then make your decision.