How to make the most of natural light?

I find that most wedding couples prefer their videographer to stay in the background and to be as unobtrusive as possible. They've already got their photographer organising everybody to capture the groups and poses that they have agreed to get. They don't need another person with a camera telling them where to stand or what pose to strike.

My style as a videographer is more about recording the events of the day as they happen but I do like to take still images when I can. The still images can be added to the video just like a movie clip

The photographer and the videographer are both working with light as one of their main tools. Soft light leads to beautiful skin tones with less ugly shadows. Lighting from the side is more flattering than lighting from above and natural light during the Golden Hour is most flattering of all.

The golden hour is the hour before sunset. As long as there are no clouds in the way this is one of the best times of day to film the wedding couple. The still image at the top of this page was a happy accident. The sun was low in the sky but I noticed that the light was bouncing off a row of parked cars, hence the light in this image was coming from near ground level. It was probably very soft as well due to the curvature of the side of the car spreading the light upwards and downwards. A reflector is potentially a useful tool to try and replicate this set up if you can get someone to hold the reflector.

If given the chance to pose people indoors I will always try and film them next to a window. This works in the same way giving light that comes in from the side rather than directly from above.