Deity V-Mic D3 Pro Microphone - My Review

I am comparing this microphone to my previous on camera microphone a Rode Video Mic Pro. For both models there is a connection cable that runs into the microphone socket on the side of the camera.

Soundwise, I am not sure whether I can tell much difference. The main benefits for me are:

1) Not having to use replaceable batteries. My Rode mic used the rectangular 9v battery and the battery was a devil of a job to fit into its housing securely. That was bad enough but there was no way of telling before a wedding whether there was sufficient battery life left to get through the day if I had used the microphone for a previous wedding. How was I going to know when it was going to fail on me. After 2 weddings? 3? I had no idea so I just replaced the battery before every wedding which was terribly wasteful in batteries.

The Diety has a rechargeable  internal battery which charges up with a USB connection so I just charge up the day before and I'm good to go. It occurs to me that one day that internal battery may come to the end of its useful life of course but I'll deal with that when it happens.

There is a stand by mode so if I forget to turn off the microphone power when I turn off the camera it goes into standby mode so I assume that it is then using far less power than the Rode mic if left on. 

2) The second main benefit for me is that there is a gain control on the back of the microphone which is continuous adjustment rather than the 3 stops of controls on the Rode mic. If I see the volume bars peaking out on the camera I can fine tune the level.

3) On a practical level the Deity comes with a neat, well made carrying case, no bigger than it needs to be so easy to stow in one of my camera bags. I found with the Rode that I was always packing it back into its original packaging to protect it which takes up more room than strictly necessary die to the re-formed plastic container in which it rests.

So far, I'm very happy with my new microphone and it looks very professional as well.

Martin Waring - Wedding Videography York