Wedding Videography York

Magical wedding films of your special day

Professional wedding videography for your dream day, capturing your magical moments in high definition video.

Full day wedding films of your special day from £700.

Typical videos are 1 - 1.5 hours in length with audio of the vows and speeches, also with your choice of music.

Plus a shorter on-line highlights video for friends and family to share. See the Gallery page for examples.

An example of a short online highlights video that can be shared

Emma and Andrew at St Mary's church, Carlton, Goole and then at the Parsonage, Escrick.

Wedding Videography

I am Martin Waring, a Wedding Videographer based in York, North Yorkshire.

Let me capture the fun, romance, sights, sounds and emotions of your dream day in ultra high definition (4k) media and on internet sharing videos, like the one above that you can share with your family and friends.

You can have the best of both worlds. Your family and friends may be very happy to watch a short 'wedding highlights' film online but some may lose enthusiasm while watching your full length wedding film! Now you can have both in one package - an online short video that captures the essence of your special day, plus the full length feature film on a USB stick to keep as a momento.

For years to come you will be able to relive your special memories, remember who was there, watch those amusing moments and listen again to your exchange of vows.

Filming can start before the day. For example, I can come with you to film when you choose the dress, the ring, the flowers, the venue etc.

Provide me with the names of your favourite song tracks on iTunes, or if you have examples of music you have created send me your own MP3 files and I will use them as a backing track to the film.

I have various wedding videography packages to suit your budget. The most popular by far is the Silver Package which covers the whole day, typically from bridal prep through to your first dance.

Your love story (Wedding Videography Gold package)

(Optionally) record an interview which tells your love story, how you met, what attracted you to your partner, why they are so special to you.

I will suggest that we meet up in a romantic setting, which could be a park or a beach for example to record your love story. There we will take some footage of the two of you talking, laughing, playing etc. I will record an interview with you both where I will explore how you met and what attracts you to each other - you don't need to rehearse anything - just be spontaneous.

Wedding videography at the Merchant Venturer's Hall

Planning your wedding video

When you confirm your booking we will arrange a date to meet up for a planning session. This could be at your rehearsal at the venue if I am filming just on the day (Silver Package) or we can meet up before that to discuss various filming options for the Gold package.

One important thing for you to check, especially for a church wedding, is that there are no restrictions to filming or additional costs to be charged by the venue. My price does not cover any additional charges that the venue might impose however it is very rare that such costs are involved unless you are getting married in a high profile location. At the very least it is a good idea to let the venue know that there will be a videographer present during the ceremony.

If there is a rehearsal at the venue for the ceremony I would very much like to be at that rehearsal, or at least part of it, to find out the order of service, your movements around the venue during the ceremony, and to confirm any filming restrictions. I will also check out the lighting conditions and find the power sockets in case I need them.

Music is a very important feature of your full length wedding film. Think of a Hollywood film with no music! I will ask you to choose about six tracks that you like. I may not use all of them but six tracks will give me some leeway and a choice of different lengths. I will see if it is possible to match the lyrics of a song to what is happening on the screen visually. I will not use music tracks over your vows or the speeches - only for sequences where there is no real audio content otherwise.

Wedding videography at Sandburn Hall


  • 'Just wanted to say thank you very much for everything. You were one of the top highlights of our day and it was a pleasure to share our special day with you. The video is absolutely fantastic- thank you so very much for this. We really do appreciate it and watch it almost every day at the moment! ….. We would certainly highly recommend you to anybody who is getting married or even having an event and may contact you in the future if we have any events of our own! Thank you so much for making our day so very special.' Best wishes, Clare and Ian

  • 'Hello Martin, Apologies for the delay in replying.  Just wanted to say that you did a fantastic job at our wedding.  The magic was fantastic for the children and the video was a fantastic bonus and the accompanying music choice was superb.  I would highly recommend you without hesitation.' Best wishes Clare and Andrew

  • 'Dear Martin, Thank you very much for everything you did to help make our wedding so perfect. The video is beautiful, we are so happy with it. Our families and friends have enjoyed watching the highlights video too. Thank you also, for the magic you performed. We, and our guests were very pleased with it. Our little bridesmaid keeps asking how you did your tricks! We are very please with the service you provided, both the video and the magic. We would certainly recommend you in the future, and have already passed your name on to a friend getting married next year! With love, David and Victoria xxx

  • Hi Martin!

    Finally got round to watching the wedding video and we both loved it! It really captured the happiness of the day and the songs you chose worked really well - its a great way of remembering the most special day of our lives so we just wanted to pass on our appreciation :-). Also thought the CDs looked lovely!

    Many thanks from both of us, Sophie and Mike

  • Hi Martin!

    We wanted to say thank you so so much for our wedding video, we absolutely love it, it captured our day perfectly, especially the most important parts. Something we will treasure and look back at for many many years to come.

    We would love if you could create the shorter video for our guests, a lot of them have asked us if we have something they can watch back so it would be great to have that for them.

    Many thanks Sophie & Michael

    Video highlights

Technical Details

Wedding Videos are shot using high-definition Panasonic cameras. I use a Panasonic Lumix S5 II with a backup G9Mk2 and a Sony A74 all filming in 4K at 3840 x 2160 25p. The small scale of these cameras (compared to my older shoulder-mounted video cameras) means that they are less obtrusive for you, and more manoeuvrable for me.

Sound is captured using a Deity directional microphone and if necessary a Rode wireless microphone system with a small discreet lapel microphone attached to the groom's jacket. This will also pick up the bride's vows - she doesn't need to carry a separate microphone.

Video Editing is done in Final Cut Pro X on a MAC Book Pro and archived to an external SSD drive.

The edited film is output to USB memory sticks in .mov format (compatible with Quicktime).

I am no longer offering DVDS or Blurays.

A 'highlights' short version of the film can also be loaded to Vimeo where you can share the link with your friends and family. This is typically of about half an hour in length and will generally miss out speeches and greeting lines in order to achieve a shorter version.

  • How do you work with the photographer?

    I am just there to film what is happening. I don't try and pose people. I let the photographer do that as he/she will know exactly what shots they need. I will try and work together with the photographer so that we don't get in each other's way. When you have a formal photo session I will tag along with the photographer and film that too but carefully keeping out of their way. Having said that there are times when we will be competing for exactly the same camera angle and sometimes you may see the photographer in your finished film. It can't really be avoided.

  • How large is the equipment you use?

    It depends on the environment. I have worked with some large cameras which are mounted on fairly heavy tripods and I still have several cameras like that but most of the time its not really necessary to use anything that large. Modern technology is such that it is perfectly possible to use a small DSLR style camera to capture hours of 4K video on fast SD cards. So I much prefer the freedom that this gives to move into the optimum spot. I may still use a tripod for stabilisation of the shot, particularly during the speeches - sometimes a monopod is perfectly adequate.

  • Do you capture audio/speech?

    Yes I do. It never occurred to me to mention it until I was asked this question by someone who had seen many on-line videos where music was playing continuously without capturing the voices of the couple making their vows. For me the whole point of the wedding video is to have an audio/visual record so I make every effort to capture the audio too. This can involve using a secondary audio recorder and sometimes I may use a lapel mike on the groom's jacket if the venue is really large.

  • How long is the finished video?

    Most wedding videos I do produce a film on USB that is between one and one and a half hours. The film is shot in 4K, processed in 4K and then compressed without any significant loss of quality so that it will fit on a 16GB USB stick.

  • What format is the finished file in?

    Usually I create a .mov file that will play on any Apple equipment or any Windows equipment that has Quicktime. If you need something different just let me know.

  • Can we make copies of the wedding video?

    Yes absolutely. I strongly recommend you do so that you have at least one backup. USB sticks are really easy to lose. I do keep a backup of the original film so it can be recreated but I can't guarantee how long I can keep it.

    What I would say is don't try and post your video to Youtube or similar. For a start it will be too big and more importantly it will contain copyrighted music so you have get a legal issue if you do.

    All the videos I post online in short highlights videos contain music which is either royalty free or which I have licensed for the purpose.

  • The vicar is saying you need a licence for wedding films in his/her church?

    Sometimes this happens and what this normally means is that I need what's called a Mechanical Licence to capture the sound of the organ music for example. A small fee allows me to make usually about 5 copies of the video on mechanical means (USB/DVD etc) providing it doesn't go online.

    Another situation is where the venue is somewhere like York Minster where the venue may demand a substantial fee to allow videography to take place. If that is the case that is not factored into my costs.

  • How long have you been making wedding films?

    I have been working as a wedding videographer since 2012. I started taking a small camcorder with me when I was performing magic at weddings and one time I arrived at Hazlewood Castle in time for the blessing in the chapel so I stood at the back and made a short film which I then presented to the couple afterwards as a gift. They have never forgotten it.

  • How far do you travel?

    I certainly travel all over Yorkshire and I've also been up to Northumberland and as far south as Somerset. If I have a 9am start for bridal preparations then obviously I would need to stay over the night before somewhere and I need to charge for the costs of travelling. Within a few miles of York I don't bother with petrol costs but if you are some distance away then I need to add something for petrol and factor in the time it takes to get to your venue.

  • How does it work if you are performing magic as well?

    I perform close up strolling magic during the drinks reception and table magic during the wedding breakfast so these are times when I would not normally expect to be filming. I certainly don't film people eating! If the speeches are first I will be filming those and then starting some table magic. If the speeches are last then I will be performing magic until I sense that the speeches are about to start and then jumping over to the camera which will be set up ready.

    The key is preparation and a good knowledge of what is coming next which is why I like to have a pretty good idea of the sequence of events if not the exact timings.