Often, having a wedding video is not the first thing a couple getting married feels is essential. They may think that having a good set of photographs is enough to keep the memories fresh in future years.

However good a set of photographs you end up with, they won't capture all the important actions of the day. They won't capture the audio of the vows or the speeches. They won't capture the sounds of laughter the jokes and the sense of celebration that your guests will supply.

The photos will be a snapshot in time. In future years you will have to rely on your memories and those of your partner to fill in the gaps and to relive the action of the day and what you heard and saw happening will be a hazy recollection seen through the mists of time.

A wedding video on the other hand is like your favourite film. You can have it for life (as long as you transfer it to the latest storage media which is easy when it is in a digital format to start with).  It has sound; it has music that you love; it has action, it has loving smiles,  it has talking, it has clapping, it has guests cheering, it has laughter, possibly even some tears of emotion, with the pair of you in the starring roles.

You might think that your guests will get some video footage on their phones so why do you need to hire a videographer?

Several reasons come to mind:

  • Your guests may not be as good as you think at recording everything. 
    • They may not hold the phone steady or in the correct orientation to make a video.
    • They may not stand in the best place to capture the action.
    • They may not have the experience to know where they need to go next to get the next best shots.
    • They probably won't know what to do when the lighting conditions present an issue.
    • You will be reliant on their phones having enough battery life and available memory so that they don't run out halfway through your ceremony.
  • Most important of all. Your guests are there to enjoy your day, not to record it for your benefit.
  • Even if you do get some good footage from various phones or cameras, would you know how to put all that together - to edit and produce a final video?

You might think that a videographer will get in the way if you've already got a photographer.

It is a small risk because both the photographer and the videographer are sometimes aiming for similar shots during the ceremony. In practice, the photographer and I usually manage to work together pretty well and work around each other so we don’t get in each other’s shots during the ceremony. The better the cooperation between the photographer and the videographer the better shots you are going to get as we can both help each other.

I am a York based wedding videographer. For my work, I often travel up to two hours to get to a venue so this covers most of Yorkshire and most of Northumberland. I have filmed weddings in Leeds, Selby, Harrogate, Thirsk, North Allerton, Darlington, Middlesborough and many small places in the East Riding.

My base price for 2023 is £700. That excludes any travel costs if the venue is a significant distance from York.

For that, you will get a full day's filming and potentially about an hour's worth of film covering all the important events of your day for you to enjoy in years to come. This is filmed a 4k with a gorgeous colour profile as seen in the latest videos on my page here. This will be output to a USN stick and posted to you in a presentation box (so that you are less likely to mislay it). You may copy it to your own devices. 

I will ask you, in our initial Zoom call to provide me with the names of six tracks of music of your choice to go with the film as background music when the audio isn't the most important thing. I feel that music is an essential part of any film, including your wedding video and it is important that you feel comfortable with the choice of music.

Please talk to me today about your wedding video in Yorkshire.