What should I expect if I have a videographer at our wedding?

A planning session is vital if things are going to get the best results. Your videographer needs to be aware of where he needs to be and when. If you are paying extra for a second videographer then they will be able to cover more locations by splitting the work but if you are on a tight budget then it is perfectly reasonable to work with just one videographer. 

I work as a solo videographer so that I can keep my costs competitive and I prefer it that way. Many times I have been in some pretty tight spaces for the bridal preparations. There's usually with the bride; several bridesmaids, family members and a photographer or two sometimes squeezed into a moderate sized hotel room so there's often not much space for another person with a camera. A second person could useful to film the groom of course if thats what you think worth while. I sometimes don't get to film the groom's preparations because they are too far away to make it practicable so thats when a second videographer would make a difference.

I ask for a planning session (usually online these days) where I can discuss these details and work out where I need to be during the day and at what point I can grab some food!

I have also filmed in some very tight spaces in some very small churches. Again it might be nice to have had some shots from the back of the church to accompany the main shots that I am taking at the front of the hall.

Once the ceremony starts I tend to leave the camera running for the whole service. The ideal position for me is to the left of the celebrant/registrar, facing the bride. Your photographer may also be manoeuvring into this spot at times but we usually manage to agree an equitable arrangement. If I can get away without moving the camera I will. Occasionally in a church I have been asked not to move at all by a vicar and I will comply with this within reason. There are some occasions where it is necessary to move slightly, if someone gets in the way of the camera for example or if one of the guests makes a speech facing towards your guests from the top of the room I will need to swing around to face  them.

I film the guests after the ceremony. I film during the photo shoot with your photographer and this is a time when I may try some slow motion shots of you both walking together.

I film the speeches and capture the audio. It is always useful to know during our planning session whether the speeches come first before the wedding breakfast or after.

If there is an opportunity to capture some still images during the golden hour just before sunset then images during this time are often worth their weight in gold. The image shown here was taken with the sun setting behind this guest but reflected off the side of a car towards her face.

I took full advantage of this situation and you can expect your photographer to do the same.

I will film the cake cutting and the first dance. If there is anything else planned for later I can usually be persuaded to stay a bit longer!