How many videographers does it take to film a wedding?

Some videographers will claim that they need an assistant camera person to capture everything they need and unless you have given it some thought you may be persuaded by that. The same logic applies to photographers and many times I have been at weddings where there are two photographers but of course you will be paying extra to have an additional  person attending for all or part of the day.

Because I like to keep my wedding videos affordable and within reach for most people I work alone. So what are the limitations of that?

Events in different locations

It basically means that because I cannot physically be in two places at once, I cannot capture all the grooms preparations and also all the brides preparations. In practise this usually means that I spend a few hours with the bride and her bridesmaids and not much time with the groom and the groomsmen before the ceremony, especially if the groom is in a different location. That’s it from my point of view.

I was told last year that a couple had been quoted £1800 for their wedding video which I filmed for them solo for £700 and no-one minded that I didn’t spend much time with the groom before the ceremony.

Apart from that limitation during preparations the bride and groom are generally together all day so there is no real call for me to be in two places at once.

Different camera angles.

If two videographers film a wedding, one is usually filming from the back of the room. I can set up a stand alone camera in a tripod and leave it running throughout but I rarely use any of the footage because it is a) taken at a distance and b) will have your videographer and photographer in the frame!

The secret of filming alone is planning and being aware of what is coming next. For example the register has been signed, your guests have been invited to take their own photos and I’m heasing for the back of the room for when you both walk down the aisle to the applause of your family and friends.

In short, filming a wedding with one videographer can be done, it saves you a deal of money and you probably won’t even realise that you're missing anything.